3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Family from House Fires This Fall

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When it comes to household fires, homeowners are doing everything they can to protect their homes year-round. But did you know that household fires are more common in the fall and winter seasons?

Here’s a quick look at some of the simple ways homeowners can help prevent fires in their homes this fall.

Check All Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are your number one line of defense again fires, warning you, your family, and potentially a fire department of any fire or smoke-related emergency while you’re in the home and away. 

Take a few minutes to go around and check the batteries in each of your alarms and ensure it’s operating properly. It’s an easy test to do, but it’s no stretch to say it could save your life.

Move All Debris Away from Heating Systems

As spring turns to summer and our need for a warm house starts to vanish, it can be easy to totally forget about your heating ducts when doing some spring cleaning and reorganizing your home.

Be sure to move all electronics and flammable substances at least a foot away from your heat registers. This reduces the risk of these products overheating and causing a fire when the fall comes and you turn up your thermostat.

Rake and Remove All Dead Leaves

Piles of dead leaves are one of the classic images of fall and are plenty of fun for kids, but these piles of crunching leaves can be a dangerous tinderbox if a random spark flies.

Even if you’re not planning on having any evening bonfires this fall, be sure to quickly clean up all the fallen leaves on your property, as this will stop any potential fires from raging out of control.

Fires can spring up at a moment’s notice, but preparing your home for the fall season can help prevent major fires and isolate small instances to manageable spaces. To make sure your home is full-proof this fall, give the experts at Sherlock Home Inspectors a call today at 712-274-9617 or visit us online and see how our staff can help you spot all the clues of a potential fire hazard.

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