5 Signs That Termites are Infesting Your Property

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As homeowners, we try to stay vigilant to any threats that our homes may face. However, some threats, like termites, are inside the very walls of our house and stay out of sight, so it takes certain signs and clues to pick up on their presence.

Here are just a few of the signs that your house is experiencing a termite infestation.

Cracks in Your Paint

Termites may not feed on paint, but one thing they do require is plenty of moisture. Cracks in your paint job are a clear sign of excess moisture inside of your walls, usually from a burst pipe or leak. If your water system is doing fine, then chances are the excessive moisture is being caused by termites.

Clicking Sounds In Your Walls

You may not always see the dangers of termites, but if you put your ear up to the wall, you might be able to hear them. As they pass through the inside of your home, worker termites can be heard loudly munching away at your support beams and framework.

Discarded Wings

Most people may imagine termites to be creepy-crawly creatures, but termites actually grow wings when forming new colonies. Once the termites have settled in a location, they will shed their wings into large piles. If you come across a collection of wispy wings in your house, that’s a sign that termites have moved in.

Your Floor Are Sagging

It’s no secret that termites like to burrow their way through wood, and that burrowing can severely impact the strength of your floor supports. To find out if there is sagging in your floor, place a marble down and watch if it rolls. If it stays put and you can hear chewing sounds where it rests, that’s where the termites are feasting.

Termite Frass

While subterranean termites may use their droppings to secure their tunnels, drywood termites expel frass out of their tunnels and into the open instead. These droppings, or frass, usually appear as black marks or powder, and will instantly tell you that termites are on the premises.

If your house is showing all or most of these signs, then termites are likely already in your home. That doesn’t mean it’s too late to stop them or get rid of them though. Give the pest control experts at Sherlock Home Inspectors a call at 712-274-9617 or visit us online today to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

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