How to Choose a Home Inspector

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Buying a house should be an exciting time, but picking the wrong home inspector can be costly. Here’s what to look for to choose a home inspector who will work for you. 


Proper Training & Certification

Licensing and training standards vary by state, and even in the states where licensing is required, experience, training and education can vary significantly. A home inspector should have a certification from at least one of the major professional associations: 


Each of these organizations have their own standards, education programs, testing, and levels of certification. 


Do Your Research 

If your state regulates home inspectors, use the state agency to confirm the inspector’s license and check their record for complaints. If your state doesn’t regulate inspectors, you should check their credentials through ASHI, InterNACHI, or NABIE. 


You can also research online reviews and ask for references. It’s a good idea to speak with several inspectors and choose the one whom you have confidence in their conduct and skills and demeanor. 


Select an inspector who’s an expert at evaluating the type of house you’re purchasing because depending on the age, design, or materials of the home there are different risks and signs they should consider.


Other helpful resources include to find information include: 


Ask Questions

Get information about a home inspector’s background, the length of time they’ve been in the business, the number of inspections they’ve done, and the report they’ll provide.


Prior to the inspection, you should confirm exactly what they’ll examine, how long an inspection will take, and when you’ll receive your report. Make sure you can accompany them during the inspection and that they have errors and omission insurance in case an issue isn’t addressed.


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