How To Choose A Qualified Home Inspector

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Whether you’re planning to buy or sell a property, a home inspection can help you avoid hassle. For buyers, it’s an opportunity to identify problems prior to the purchase, which gives them more power to negotiate a lower price. They might also decide not to buy the house anymore or even demand a solution for the issues. For sellers, home inspections offer a chance to become aware of property conditions and address them before putting up a “for sale” sign. Now that you understand the benefits, the question is: How do you choose a qualified home inspector?

While there are many professionals out there, not necessarily all of them have the proper skills, qualifications, and resources to do a good job. If you live in Sioux City and region, Sherlock Home Inspectors can definitely help you! Even if you don’t live in our area, we still want the best for you and your home, so make sure to check out these tips for when you’re looking for a home inspector.

Hire Someone Impartial and Skilled

First, you should verify whether the home inspector is unbiased and independent. In other words, it can’t be someone who will favor either the buyer or the seller. Always be wary of realtors who only give you one option and want you to stick to it.

Another very important tip: Home inspectors are quite different from electricians and plumbers. Instead of focusing on specific areas, they need to act as detectives, opening all the doors, testing the windows, and literally inspecting each spot in a house. Home inspection requires a variety of certificates and training.

Last, but not least, excellent communication skills are essential. When you have questions at the end of the process, you want clear answers.

How to Assess Experience

You will neither be the first nor the last person in the world to need a home inspector. If any of your friends have ever had a similar experience, ask them! Are there reviews about your home inspector on Google or Facebook? Take some time to read them.

Another way to evaluate the competence of the professional you have chosen is by requesting a sample report. Most qualified home inspectors will send one to you.  A sample report will give you a better picture of what is included in the inspection, which allows you to compare services. Experienced professionals should be able to spot issues that aren’t obvious.

Also, it’s worth checking if your home inspector is a member of the American Society of Home Inspectors or another organization in your region. Use their Code of Ethics as a reference.

That’s it! We hope our tips will help you find a qualified home inspector. Sherlock Home Inspectors serves Sioux City and region with whole house inspections,radon inspections, and mold and moisture inspections. Our team is highly trained and will provide an impartial report. Contact us online or call 712-274-9617 to book an inspection today.

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