Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home

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Summertime is coming to a close, which means that it’s an ideal time to get your home ready for autumn and winter weather. Doing some basic maintenance now could help you identify any issues or prevent problems in the future. These home maintenance tips can be done on your own, or you can choose a local service provider to give you a hand.

Check Your Furnace

Even if you are still using the air conditioner, now is the perfect time to check your furnace. Replace old air filters or clean reusable units every month. If you have a heat pump, it uses the same air filter as the air conditioner, so be sure to turn off the air conditioner before changing out the air filter. This is a good time to schedule an appointment for a professional furnace service too!

Seal Air Leaks

Check your home for air leaks. Some common spots that can let air leak out are found around door and window frames, entry points for plumbing and furnace flues and electrical outlets. Air leaks could waste a lot of the heated air in your home and can cost you on your heating bill. Take the time to seal leaks with the appropriate type of caulk for the surface. Weather stripping is a good choice for stopping leaks around door frames as well.

Look for Cracks

During the autumn, people are not the only creatures looking to stay warm. This is also the time of the year when rodents try to find their way into your home to make a nest for the winter. Take a look for tiny gaps and cracks because mice and others pests can squeeze in through very small holes. Cover the holes with metal strips, caulk, cement, or steel wool, and clear any debris away from your home’s foundation. The debris is attractive to pests and can hide their entry points.

Seal Old Windows

Old windows are a magnet for air drafts. Some old windows even get a coating of condensation or frost on cold autumn mornings. Consider using thermal or plastic tape around drafty windows or utlizing insulated curtains to keep the draft out. You could also consider window replacement if your budget allows it. A thorough home inspection with our team at Sherlock Home Inspectors, Inc., can help you identify drafty windows.

Consider using all of these tips to get your home ready for the upcoming cooler weather. Check out our website to learn more about how we can help you do just that!

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