What Happens after an Inspection?

We hope the following do’s and don’ts will offer you perspective and direction.


  • Read the entire report.
  • Determine the following: What is acceptable? What is not acceptable? Are there health or safety concerns?
  • What needs further investigation prior to closing?
  • Realize that no house is perfect. Cosmetic conditions and deferred maintenance accompany home ownership.
  • Discuss concerns with your agent. If further investigation is needed, your agent will assist in coordinating access. Review the results of any specialty investigations.
  • At the “Final Walk Through,” pay close attention to areas that were not accessible during the inspection. Personal belongings (furniture, storage, packing boxes, etc.) could have hidden adverse conditions from the inspector.
  • Call Sherlock Home Inspectors for clarification, if needed.


  • Don’t delay in addressing the conditions of your prospective property.
  • Don’t assume conditions noted will automatically be repaired.
  • Don’t consider the inspection a warranty or guarantee of any kind.
  • Don’t consider the Report Summaries a wish list to hand the seller. The summaries are for you to use to help you prioritize what needs to be handled first.
  • Don’t hesitate to call Sherlock Home Inspectors if you have questions.

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