Keeping Your Home & Workplace Safe from Radon

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When it comes to dangerous gases entering the home or office, people are rightfully concerned about gases like carbon monoxide and chlorine mixtures. However, radon gas, a radioactive gas caused when uranium and thorium break down in the earth, is just as dangerous and is responsible for more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths every year.

Here are just a few ways you can better protect your home or office against radon gas.


Perform a Radon Test

Radon tests are a great way for homeowners or business owners to understand how high radon levels are in their location and how quickly action should be taken.

These tests can either be done by a skilled professional who can carefully explain your risks and options, or by using a small home kit that will measure your home’s air quality for a few days before being sent off to a lab.


Seal Any Cracks in Floors, Walls, and Pipes

Radon rises up into homes from the soil below so any cracks or openings to your living spaces can increase your family’s exposure.

If you are concerned about the levels of radon you may be exposed to, be sure to take a tour of your home to seal up any loose floorboards or openings with caulking or plaster to keep the radon out.


Seal Chimneys When Not in Use

While fireplaces may be one of the coziest and warmest areas of your home, they can also be a source of radon leaking into your home due to the cracks and openings in the brick and cement.

Be sure to use the chimney damper when not having a fire to close off any cold air and radon from entering into your home.


Invest in a Radon Sump System

Because radon naturally builds up in the earth and rises to the surface, structures like houses and office buildings can end up trapping a great deal of radon gas beneath their foundations, causing potentially dangerous build-ups.

Radon sump systems are a series of pipes and engines that funnel out any radon from the earth beneath a building and prevent any dangerous radon build-ups from harming the people inside.

Radon gas is a serious threat to Americans and is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in adults, but there are many things you can do to protect yourself and those around you. If you want to keep your family, friends, and coworkers safe, give the team at Sherlock Home Inspectors a call today at 712-274-9617 or visit us online and see how we can help uncover any concerns in your home.

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