Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

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In our previous blogs, we’ve discussed how homeowners are constantly searching for damage and ways to prevent expensive repairs. Unfortunately, some threats that escape our vigilance can be the most hazardous. When moisture sits for as little as 24 hours, your home can develop one of the most frightening and dangerous household problems: mold.

The Malevolence of Mold

Mold is a microscopic fungus that comes in a variety of colors and can do serious harm to you and your home. Damp and warm surfaces promote mold growth and once formed, the harmful spores expelled can cause health problems for you and your family, such as increasing the likelihood of asthma-related illnesses by almost 50%.

If left unattended, areas of the home can develop large colonies of mold, leading to expensive repairs and plenty of stress.

Let the Cleanup Commence!

While it is impossible to completely remove mold from your home due to its microscopic spores, it is possible to clear out the vast majority of the mold and prevent its negative impact on the health of your family.

The first step to removing mold is to remove the factors that allow it to grow, specifically moisture. The EPA recommends indoor humidity levels reach no higher than 60%, so it’s essential to properly ventilate damp areas, like bathrooms and kitchens, with dehumidifiers or by opening up windows for better air circulation. Wipe down shower walls with a towel after each use to prevent the walls and curtains from trapping in moisture.

Fabrics, like towels and bedding, can also be ideal incubators for mold. Be sure to hang them out to dry in fresh air or sanitize them with a mix of hot water and chlorine bleach if possible.

Don’t be caught off guard by a hidden cache of mold colonies—call Sherlock Home Inspectors for a top-to-bottom inspection today at 712-274-9617 or check us out online for more ‘elementary’ tips on protecting your home.

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