Spring in the Season With Your Home Maintenance Checklist

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It’s that time of year again: birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and your home needs some serious TLC after the winter! We all know how important it is to complete our spring cleaning but don’t let that distract you from the maintenance needed as well.

Our spring home maintenance checklist is back to make sure you don’t miss a single important step for your spring refresh.

AC and Furnace

Your furnace worked overtime throughout the winter so it’s ready for your attention. You should also check on your AC to make sure it’s ready to keep you cool when the summer arrives. Change your filters, check your connections, and clean off any dirt and debris!


Your attic may have become home to some critters staying warm in the colder months, so check for these unwelcome roommates. Make sure your insulation is in good shape and check for leaks, water damage, or mold throughout the attic.

Fireplace and Chimney

Your fireplace and chimney are probably due for a good cleaning, especially if you used them to keep warm last season. Make sure you clean them properly to avoid fire hazards in the future.

Basement and Foundation

Check your basement for moisture from the spring melt and if you find any, inspect for mold as well. Examine your basement inside and your foundation outside for any cracks in the floors, walls, or ceilings. Make sure your sump pump is ready for the melt as well to ensure you don’t come home to a wet surprise in the basement.

Roof and Gutters

Winter weather gives your roof a beating so be sure to check for any lasting damage. You’ll also want to clean out anything that has accumulated in your gutters.


Inspect the weather seal on your windows to make sure there are no leaks that will let the cool air out during the warmer months. A quick way to check for a leak is to hold a candle up to your closed window—if the flame flickers, you’ve got a leak.


Your sprinklers will be working hard soon so check them for leaks, exposed lines, or malfunctioning heads so they can keep your lawn fresh and green all summer long.

Many of these items can be completed by you, the homeowner. However, there could be some issues you can miss so contact us at 712-274-9617 or visit us online if you’d like to schedule a more comprehensive home inspection. You and your home deserve the best!

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