How Sump Pumps Work And Why You Need A Backup System

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Floods are one of the most dangerous natural disasters for your home. If you live in a region characterized by abundant or heavy rains, it’s extremely advisable to ensure that your sump pit is in good condition and your sump pump is running smoothly. However, even when everything looks fine, it might be a good idea to acquire and install a backup system.

First, if you have no idea of what we’re talking about, the sump pit is designed to protect your house’s main structure from water damage. It consists of a hole with a gravel base, usually located in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace. As water enters your home, it stays in this hole because, well… because that’s how gravity works, right? It’s the same idea as when you take a shower and the water goes down the drain instead of flooding your bathroom.

However, storms can produce a significant amount of water and if the soil doesn’t absorb it quickly, your sump pit will need an extra bit of help. The equipment responsible for avoiding overflow is called a sump pump. It sits inside the sump pit and is activated by sensors when the water starts to fill the hole. As a result, it pumps the water out of the pit and away from your home, keeping your space dry and safe.

The problem, though, is that sump pumps are not foolproof. Electrical power outages, wrong size, improper installation, and lack of maintenance are among the most common causes of sump pump failure. How will you know it failed if you’re sleeping or enjoying your vacation away from home?

You don’t. That’s why you need a backup system to serve as a plan B. In this article, you can understand the pros and cons of three different types of backup systems: battery-powered, water-powered, and generator-powered.

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