Tips for Electrical Safety This Holiday Season

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As you begin to decorate your home for the holiday season, it’s important to protect yourself from safety hazards! Keep these tips in mind to keep your home safe all season long. 

The Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are typically the center of holiday decor, but they can also be a dangerous fire hazard. Although house fires caused by dry Christmas trees are uncommon, when they do happen they are incredibly serious. However, Christmas trees aren’t the only culprits—780 fires were reported to have started due to other Christmas decorations in the U.S. between 2013-2017.

Before you begin decorating your Christmas tree, check for cracked and damaged sockets, and if you’re using an artificial tree, look for one that’s fire resistant because it lowers the chance of house fires. If you choose a real tree, choose the freshest one and water it everyday. 

Extension Cords, Circuits, and Bulbs… Oh My! 

Examine the extension cord you’re using to see if it’s labelled for indoor or outdoor use because indoor extension cords aren’t made for cold or wet locations. Keep your electrical cords dry and consider using a powerbar to avoid dangerous surges and overloading your circuits with Christmas lights. 

Broken bulbs can also lead to nasty shocks or cuts, so always handle and inspect your lights carefully as you’re first unpacking them. LED bulbs are safer, more energy efficient, and give off less heat than incandescent bulbs. If you do use incandescent bulbs, never connect more than three strands together. Burning real candles can be a fire hazard, especially with lots of people mingling throughout your home during the holiday season, so consider battery-operated candles as a safer alternative. 

Extra Tips

A few other tips to keep your family and your home safe this Christmas include: 

  • Don’t use cords through doors or windows
  • Use clips instead of nails to hang decor as nails could pinch electrical cords
  • Keep flammable decor at least 3 ft. from heat sources
  • Before going to bed or leaving your home, turn off all lights and extinguish all candles

We hope these electrical safety tips help protect you and your loved ones this holiday season. When it comes to home inspections, you won’t find more qualified professionals than the ones here at Sherlock Home Inspectors. Contact us through our website or by giving our friendly staff a call at (712) 274-9617.

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